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Mouryou no Hako -Box of Spirits-
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Mouryou no Hako, or "Box of Spirits", is about a series of bizarre murders in which the victims are dismembered and stuffed into boxes. A private investigator is hired by the family of a missing girl to look into the murders, and he soon joins up with an antique bookseller and others to solve the mystery.
It is written by and adapted from Natsuhiko Kyougoku's novel of the same name, with art by Aki Shimizu. It under publication in Comic KWAI.

It is currently being scanlated by Dark Tower scans.
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Mouryou no Hako has been adapted into an anime, with animation by studio Madhouse and character designs by manga giants CLAMP. It features opening and closing themes by the band Nightmare. It has finished airing in Japan and has been completely fansubbed. There is also a special episode, which has been fansubbed as well.
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Mouryou no Hako was also adapted into a movie in 2007.

The novel from which the anime and manga were adapted from is part of a series called Kyougokudou (京極堂). It is the second out of a total of 13 books, all by author Natsuhiko Kyougoku.

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